Monday, October 8, 2012

They Can’t Be Serious?

Studded butt pockets 
Sit down and feel the burn!

Terrible craft ideas that prove that not everyone is artistic.

Kalpana Pandit with Jennifer Lopez at event latest photos

Kalpana Pandit with Jennifer Lopez at event latest photos

Miranda Kerr – Victoria’s Secrets Photoshoot

Miranda Kerr – Victoria’s Secrets Photoshoot

What Kids Think About the 2012 Presidential Election

Parenting magazine went to a block party in Brooklyn one recent afternoon to do some polling on the current election. Our mission: to find out exactly what is on the minds of our littlest citizens. Because we at Parenting truly believe that the children are our future.

Veena Malik at her album Drama Queen launch photos

I am the real Drama Queen: Veena Malik Bollywood most gorgeous and sizzling actress Veena Malik now turn international pop singer. after she launched her first single album “Drama Queen”. Hottie came in Red Bridal Dress as we can say she is ready for her Band Baja Baraat and she interact with media about the married life. Veena never seen in Shadi ka joda before it can be a sign of Mr. Perfect in her life.

Awkward IDs and Licenses

Awkward IDs and Licenses

Eco-friendly Treehotel Is a Natural Heaven

The Mirrorcube

For nature lovers, the Treehotel in Luela, Sweden is a “must-visit” travel destination. Designed by Scandinavian architects, the concept behind the five uniquely designed ‘treerooms’ is to offer top class accommodation to visitors whilst ensuring that the hotel maintains a minimal ecological footprint. Open year round, guests can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities within a private and tranquil setting. The rooms all sleep two people and the price varies according to which room you choose to stay in, with the most expensive costing $650 per night for double occupancy.

Logitech announces new Harmony Touch universal remote

Logitech has just revealed its latest universal remote, the Harmony Touch. It marks the first big shift in the company's Harmony remotes in quite some time, and is designed to simplify some of the complicated controls that came with previous models.

Afternoon Cool Dance Break...

Dance And Enjoy..


A smile is beautiful with all its charm
Something to give but does no harm
A smile is a frown only upside down
It has a good feeling, just look around
A smile is a flash that cannot be sold
It has everlasting pleasure we are told
A smile is like the sunshine at its very best

Faasle aise bhi honge ye kabhi socha na tha

Faasle aise bhi honge ye kabhi socha na tha
saamne baitha tha mere aur woh mera na tha

woh ki khushbu ki tarah phaila tha mere chaar suu
main usse mahsus kar saktaa tha chhu saktaa na tha

raat bhar us ki aahat kaan mein aati rahi
jhaank kar dekha gali mein koi bhi aaya na tha

Old Man

An old man owned a pond on his farm, lined with fruit trees. One day he went there with a basket to get fruits.

On reaching, he found some young ladies swimming in the pond. They went in deep water to shield themselves n said : We wont come out until u leave.



Human exertion is directed towards gaining lasting happiness. Yet few enjoy it. One looks for happiness by acquiring objects of the world, little realizing that happiness is not inherent in those objects.

If it were so, would not everyone who came in contact with the same object gain the same degree of happiness? Why then is it, that the object being the same, reactions to it are different? The same bitter gourd, karela, is enjoyed by one but is distasteful to another

You Will Wish You Had a Room Like This!

Two rooms in one with clever use of sunken and elevated floors, create two completely separate living areas.

Mahie Gill hot Photoshoot - Maxim India (October 2012)

Mahie Gill hot Photoshoot - Maxim India (October 2012)

Kim Kardashian – Leggy Candids in Miami

Kim Kardashian – Leggy Candids in Miami

Kids Trying Ice Cream For The First Time

This video shows us nothing we do not know. No duh, ice cream is delicious. Everyone already knows that! It doesn’t even make me wish I could go back to the first time I tasted ice cream and experience it all over again because it doesn’t matter, it’s great right now, for the one billionth time.

Sameera reddy hot item song - Kunda Khol – Chakravyuh

Watch Kunda Khol, the song promo from 'Prakash Jha's' upcoming film 'Chakravyuh'. Kunda Khol is sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and the video features ravishing Sameera Reddy.

Weirdest Toilets and Urinals

Weirdest Toilets and Urinals
Funny men's urinal with a big red open mouth - with teeth!

Luxurious Cave House in Historic City

The Domus Civita is a house located on the top of the Etruscan tombs and caves in Italy. Originally built in XIV century, the owners have attempted to preserve all the natural beams, stone walls and floors while transforming this natural cave into a comfortable living space. The house has been fully restored, maintaining all historical value, and now boasts a heated pool and wine cellar.

Ebuggy concept promises "unlimited range" for EVs

Until there’s some huge revolution in battery technology, electric vehicles are destined to remain as urban runabouts, never going out on long highway trips ... right? Well, not if Germany’s ebuggy project has anything to say about it. The group is developing little range-extending battery trailers that could be towed behind electric cars, providing power to the vehicles on longer trips. When a user’s trailer started getting low on juice, they could just pull over at a roadside exchange station and swap it for one that was fully charged.

How to tie your shoe with no hands

The fastest man in the world to tie his shoe.

Khile gulaab ka murjhana

Khile gulaab ka murjhana bura lagta hai,
Mohabbat ka yun mar jana bura lagta hai,,

Fasle mitana achchhi baat hai lekin,
Kisi aur ka unke kareeb jana bura lagta hai,

yun toh chalti hai hawa roz fizaon mein,
par uska unko chhoo kar guzar jana bura lagta hai,,

My One True Love

Good Morning My One True Love,
My morning sun sent from high about.
My light within my everyday,
The who fills my heart in every way.

For there is no other quite like you.
As you have awaked my senses,
My spirit was made just for you.
To Love and behold like no other will do.





Tamil poet Tiruvalluvar used references from nature to teach moral lessons. There are many references to trees when he talks about good qualities which people should possess.

A tree benefits mankind in many ways. It gives us the welcoming comfort of shade during summer. It yields fragrant flowers. It yields fruits which provide food to animals, birds and human beings. It serves as a shelter for birds which build nests on the branches.