Monday, January 21, 2013

Things Your Pets Do While You're Away

Things Your Pets Do While You're Away

Beautiful and delicious cakes

Beautiful and delicious cakes

Triple-junction solar cell design could break 50 percent conversion barrier

The current world record for triple-junction solar cell efficiency is 44 percent, but a collaboration between the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), the Imperial College of London, and MicroLink Devices Inc. has lead to a multi-junction photovoltaic cell design that could break the 50 percent conversion efficiency barrier under concentrated solar illumination.


Good morning! Did everyone have nice dreams last night?

Man must behave himself

Remaining as a daughter, a sister, 
And becoming a wife and a mother, 
A woman stood as a person to man.
Otherwise, she was an object in his eyes.

Alfazon me bayan khoobsurti ko kiya jaaye kaise

Alfazon me bayan khoobsurti ko kiya jaaye kaise,
Ho bemisaal husn to kalam rukh bhi jaye kaise 

Ye kambakhat hai khud hi hadon se bekhabar
Dil-e-nadan ko iski sarhaden batlaye kaise,

PJ Time

PJ Time:
Wht is d opposit of "dominoz"



"domi dsnt know"

The Pawn

Once there was a pawn who wanted to be independent. He was sad, and chafed against his limitations. These rules are so unfair, said the little pawn. I can only move forward, and then only one space at a time, except for my first move.

Furthermore, complained the little pawn, I cannot attack an opponent directly in front of me, nor beside me, nor behind me. I can only attack at the front angle to the right or left. This is s-o unfair!