Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fearless or Brainless?

A 25-year-old daredevil from Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Priyanka Chopra In Tight Black Dress Unveils Her Album 'in My City'

Priyanka Chopra In Tight Black Dress Unveils Her Album 'in My City' 

Celebs Who Ditched Their Long Hair

These stars wanted to change their looks radically and cut their long locks. Was it worth it? You decide. 

10 Angry Reporters

A Montage of 10 reporters who go mad on live TV. 

Poonam Pandey Blue Dress Photos

Poonam Pandey Blue Dress Photos 

Hilarious Army Photos.

Hilarious Army Photos. 

Egyptian Bodybuilder Has the Biggest Biceps in the World

Gregg Valentino, a man with the world’s largest biceps, has had his record beaten by Egyptian-born bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail. 

Moustafa aka “Big Mo”, a 24-year-old gas station attendant, has had his bulging 79 cm (31 in) biceps confirmed as the biggest on the planet and will appear in the 2013 issue of the Guinness Book of Records. The man started bodybuilding ten years ago and claims to have a minimum of three hours of training, at least twice a day.

Service Is Selling And Selling Is Service

Learn how to bring your retail selling skills to the next level! 

A Child In Its Mother's Womb

A child in its mother's womb 
is the highest form of all the arts. 

No painter could paint, 
any thing better than that. 

No poet could write 
any poem better than that. 

Mujhe Tum se Mohabbat hai.

Mera har lafz kehta hai Mujhe Tum se Mohabbat hai.
Meri har Saans kehti hai Mujhe Tum se Mohabbat hai. 

Main jab dekh k Tum ko Naye Duniya basati hon. 

Ya jab bhi khobsorat khuwobon main Apnay pal betati hon. 

Mera har khuwab kehta hai Mujhe Tum se Mohabbat hai. 

Teacher To Santa

Teacher To Santa-
Isko Hindi mei translate karo
"She is kidding"
Santa hasne lga or table pr hi

Do Not Judge

Everything in life holds both a blessing and a curse. We deny this when we label the events of our lives as either good or bad. The following old Zen story illustrates this lesson most effectively.

A farmer had a horse but one day, the horse ran away and so the farmer and his son had to plow their fields themselves. Their neighbors said, "Oh, what bad luck that your horse ran away!" But the farmer replied, "Bad luck, good luck, who knows?"