Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Message in a Bottle!

Rani Mukerji’s Belly Dance in ‘Aga Bai’ Song – Hot Shoot

Rani Mukerji’s Belly Dance in ‘Aga Bai’ Song – Hot Shoot.

Victoria Beckham When She Was 18

British celebrity's photoshoot from 1992.

Mitt Romney Political Rally Chant FAIL

Haha. EPIC FAIL! It’s funny, because in our whip-snap Internet era of casually thrown off criticisms and condemnations it’s so easy to look at this clip and think that Mitt Romney is a loser. It’s embarrassing! And no matter what else, that is true: it is embarrassing.

Priyanka Chopra's NFL Photoshoot

Priyanka Chopra's NFL Photoshoot

A Warm Welcome from Colleagues

This is a funny practical joke some guys played on their co-worker who has just returned from his vacation.


I don't know how many Indians are aware of this place. maybe some Keralites are. Now maybe some more of you are and if you send this to some of your friends, more people will know that we have something almost as beautiful as Niagara in our country.

Xfire system projects a bike lane onto the road

A lot of people won’t ride a bicycle on city streets because they’re scared that a vehicle will run into them. This fear certainly isn’t helped by the many drivers who unknowingly get dangerously close to cyclists while driving alongside them. Xfire’s Bike Lane Safety Light is designed to address that problem by using lasers to project a virtual bike lane on the road around the bike.

Star Wars Themed Internet Video

We discovered by accident that the Star Wars Theme Song has magical abilities to calm the baby down. He was screaming and crying in the car one day, and the MP3 player started playing this song and he just stopped. Then, every time after that when he'd be crying for no reason (we knew his diaper was clean, tummy was full, etc.) and we'd play this song, he'd perk right up.


Sometimes in life we feel so blue,
But someone, somewhere is not as happy as u.

Somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps,
Missing his loved ones he silently weeps.

Somewhere a mother painfully sighs,
Coz her new born baby didnt open her eyes.

Muhje to lot ana tha magar awaz to dety..

Muhje to lot ana tha magar awaz to dety.. 
Na itni door jana tha magar awaz to dety..

Tumhe shayad khabar na thi mujhe tum jan se pyary ho.. 
Agrchay aazmana tha magar awaz to dety.. 

Definition of student

Student vo hai jisse lecture mai Angelina jolie ka khayal aata hai.

Theater mai assignment ka sawaal yaad aata hai.

Mess mai Ghar ма. Khaane ka swaad yaad aata hai.

Exam se pehli raat syllabus yaad aata hai.

Quote of the day!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

That Day His Dream Came True

Gage Hancock-Stevens, 13, is almost blind due to a brain tumor that affected his optic nerves. The boy has always dreamed of becoming a cop and his wish was finally granted for one day—thanks to local police department and volunteers from Make-A-Wish foundation.

Bollywood Child Actors Grown Up Pics

Bollywood Child Actors Grown Up Pics

Kim Kardashian Latest Hot Pics In Green Dress

Kim Kardashian Latest Hot Pics In Green Dress

"My 71 Years Old Grand Mother Is A Free Rider"

Nielda is our Grand Mother and she is also a quite good free rider...
You know what dude, on this video she is 71 years old!
We love riding with her... I guess you would too... If you'd be able to follow her!

Reyhna Malhotra Hottest Photos

Reyhna Malhotra Hottest Photos

Crazy and Funny Pics

Crazy and Funny Pics

Don’t You Miss These Electronic Handheld Games?

Don’t You Miss These Electronic Handheld Games?

Sony unveils new smaller and lighter PS3 model

At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony unveiled its latest iteration of PlayStation 3, which sports a new design and significantly smaller form factor. The console will be produced in three versions: a 500 GB hard drive model, a 250 GB hard drive model, and a budget-friendly 12 GB flash memory model, though the latter is initially slated for European consumers only.

Idaho Weatherman Really Went For It

Sometimes the idea you pitch to your boss at the news station is just the perfect idea, and everyone is so proud of you, because they were a little iffy on it when you described it to them but now, seeing it come to fruition like this, they can totally see where you were coming from and how they were just being a little close-minded, but now they see that they were so wrong and you were so right and you are very in tune with what The People What and you seem to enjoy your job as a weatherman and refuse to just rest on your laurels, which is admirable and enviable, really, and we’re all just so proud of you. You really did it. Some people just talk about doing it, but you really did it.

Bonds Of Friendship...

Bonds of friendship 
There have been many times
that I'd lose grip and then fall, 
And, you were there beside me
to help me rise above it all. 
There have been many times
when I'd reach the end of end, 
And, you inspired me

Ashirwad magne aaya hu ..

Geeto se bhari duniya me ,
ik geet main likhne aaya hu ,
kuch aap bolo kuch main bolu ,
ik lakhni sath main laya hu !
chahe man hi man abhisar karo ,
chahe khul ker ke pyaar do ! 

A Joke for you!

How To Be Happy

Happiness is like a butterfly, 
the more you chase it,
the more it will allude you, 
but if you turn your attention
to other things, it will come 
and sit softly on your shoulder.

The place to be happy is here.
the time to be happy is now.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A child is a child to a parent, ever and always

A 93 year old successful business man who rose from a very humble beginning was chairing a meeting of CEOs of companies in his vast business empire. His overseas educated 70 year old son and Group Chairman of the companies and who was chiefly instrumental for the meteoric rise of the group's business fortunes and whose sharp business acumen took the group to enviable heights, was waiting respectfully for his father to address the top head honchos which included some of his own sons and grandsons.