Friday, November 16, 2012

Some of the Greatest Ideas Ever

Some of the Greatest Ideas Ever

Soft Pebbles

Rachana Maurya Looking Hot in Bikini

Rachana Maurya Looking Hot in Bikini

Celebrities Without Make-up


Famous girls with no make-up.

Man Crosses The Alps Using Helium Balloons

Intrepid balloon adventurist Jonathan Trappe has become the first person to cross the Alps using helium-filled balloons as his method of transport. The 38-year-old from Raleigh, North Carolina in the US, took almost 12 hours to make the historic crossing, around half of which was completed in the dark. The trained pilot, who last year crossed the English Channel using helium-filled balloons, began his amazing journey in Gap, South East France, where he filled 54 balloons with helium and took off into the night. Taking a path westward over the French Alps, Jonathan watched the sunrise from an altitude of 15,000ft.

OMG: Model's Hot Walk on Ramp

Hyderabad Model Anushka Sizzling Hot Photos Stills moments before her ramp walk
Model Anushka Sizzling Photos Stills 

How to Make Museums Fun

These people make visiting museums seem like a lot of fun.

Awesome Wedding Photos

This photo essay of selected wedding day snaps, captures some of the special moments from an assortment of weddings.

Belkin’s NetCam uses your smartphone for home security

After Belkin revealed a baby monitor that connects to iOS devices just a few weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before they took that concept up a notch with a full security camera. The company recently revealed the new NetCam Wi-Fi Camera, which uses night vision and connects to a smartphone or tablet, so you can monitor your home remotely.

Chimps are not good with children

Chimp Teases(tries to hit) Kid with his arms and legs

The way I feel, when I'm with you

The way I feel♥
when I'm with you
I forget my troubles,
like there's just us two.♥

You make my heart,♥
beat fast and strong,
and you make me feel,
that I truly belong♥

Woh Tittli Thi Usay Urr Jana Tha

Woh Tittli Thi usay Urr Jana Tha
Us Ne Mere Hath Mein Kab Aana Tha

Main Dhoondta Raha Usay Diwanon Ki Tara
Us Ki Koi Manzil Na Koi Thikana Tha

Es Gharz Se us Ne Mera Hath Nahi Thama
Kyun K Raasty Mein us Nai Chor Jana Tha



I was in 12th
She was in 12th
I got B.Tech
She got BBA
I was doing B.Tech


A stag once boasted to about his horns its young one. “Look how beautiful and powerful my horns are! I can kill can human with these horns"

Just then they happened to hear the sound of hunters' bugle in a distance. They stag took to its heels with its young one following. When they reached a safer zone, the young one asked, “You said that you can kill any human with your powerful horns. But why did you run away at the sound of the bugle?