Monday, October 15, 2012

10 Festivals Celebrated in the Month of October

Tübingen Duck Race
10 Festivals Celebrated in the Month of October
Every year since 1999 over 7000 yellow rubber ducks are let loose in River Necker that courses through this historic town near Stuttgart in Germany. This is almost a third of the city population. The competition starts at midday and anyone with a rubber duck can participate; and if you left yours at home in the bathtub, ducks can be rented before the race. Spectators stick their name and number on the ducks, release the toy in the water and cheer along the riverbank as the mass of yellow bob up and down the designated stretch of the Neckar. A metal weight is attached to their underside so that they don’t topple over on the way. The ducks race from Alleenbrücke to Neckarbrücke is taken very seriously, because there is €10.000 worth of prizes to be won.

Priyanka Chopra National Football League Photoshoot

Priyanka Chopra National Football League Photoshoot

Selena Gomez Busty Spring Break Portraits

Selena Gomez Busty Spring Break Portraits

Pay With A Smile

Project Change went to the rush hour streets in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and gave out cookies in exchange for a smile. Even the coldest of metropolitan commuter will break into a warm smile for a free cookie!

Tamanna Bhatia Latest Images

Tamanna Bhatia Latest Images

MadPals PicDump - Part 353

MadPals PicDump - Part 353

Finger Icons

Elusive Italian artist known only as Dito Von Tease has embarked on a project called Ditology that features eerily familiar portraits of celebrities on the ordinary human finger. The faces produced on each solo finger range from the well-known public personality (Steve Jobs) and political figure (Che Guevara) to the fictional icon (Mr. T) and religious guru (Dalai Lama). There is no person that is off limits in this lighthearted, comical series. Every "person" in the presented portraits is intricately adorned, costumed, and given an appropriate backdrop.

Kindle Fire HD vs. Kindle Fire

In the short history of tablets, one of the key figures has been the Kindle Fire. Before its launch, the market was basically the untouchable iPad vs. a bunch of geeked-up Android slates, collecting Best Buy dust. Then the Fire marched in with its familiar branding, Blackberry Playbook-inspired design, and – most importantly – rock-bottom price. Though sales eventually flattened, Amazon's tablet was a holiday sensation.

This Kid Has A Bright Future In Baseball

Good job, good effort.


Kya wo din the...
Maa ki god aur papa ke kandhe,

Aaj yaad aa raha hai sab kuch choota jo peeche,

Rote rote so jaana,
Khud se baatain karna,
Kho jana...

Would you MISS me too???

When I dream of you whist my eyes wide open
When I long to hold you so close, so tight
When I’m killing inside, missing and hurting so much
Would you be thinking of me, as I do?
Would you miss me too?

True Love Story

Samosa Said 2 Aloo:Jab main fry hota hun to Tumhe cover Kar k Garam Oil se Bacha leta Hu bcoz I Luv u.

Aloo said:


Love in action. We've all heard the cliche a million times but there's something about the way Nancy Rivard says it, that makes it reverberate in your heart for days to come. Maybe it's because she actually walks her talk and speaks with the confidence of experience; maybe it's because there is an uncanny sincerity in her demeanor; or maybe it's impossible to pinpoint any one particular reason.