Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What is True Humanity? - Shows in Photos

Two women kiss in front of an anti-gay/lesbian protest.

Amrita Rao Hot and Sizzling Photos

Amrita Rao Hot and Sizzling Photos

Selena Gomez – “Dream Out Loud” Photoshoot Candids

Selena Gomez – “Dream Out Loud” Photoshoot Candids

An Unbelievable 4-Year-Old Dancer Performs

Studio Shots — Photographer Suresh Natarajan

Suresh Natarajan - a leading advertising and fashion photographer in India. Taught himself photography and does not believe that this is possible for someone to teach, if a person has no talent. She dreams of traveling, doing portraits and making movies. 

MadPals PicDump - Part 357

MadPals PicDump - Part 357

Awesome Bird's Eye Photos - Aerial View

Awesome Bird's Eye Photos - Aerial View

Sun and Moon Watch tells time with movement of celestial bodies

In the 17th century, a period of experimentation began into how best to represent time. It was during this period of innovation that "Sun and Moon" watches – which literally showed the passing of time with moving images of these celestial bodies – became popular. The Sun and Moon Watch from Mr Jones Watches is a revival of this design, eschewing the familiar segmented face with hands and numerals showing the exact hour and minute in favor of visual representations of day and night.

Fearless at the (Indy) 500 Record Jump

Tanner Foust breaks the world record for distance jump in a four-wheeled vehicle at the Indianapolis 500

Mohabbat k safar mein

Mohabbat k safar mein koi bhi rasta nahi deta,
zameen waqif nahi banti falak saya nahi deta!

Khushi or dukh k mausam sab k apnay apnay hotay hain,
kisi ko apnay hissay ka koi lamha nahi deta!

My Woman

Angels on my heart
Sing on your name 
In mind crossed
With image of art
Of beauty in your face
Little as it is 
Non of frame can fit 

Husband Trolled...........

Wife: Give me your phone for a second

Husband: Wait let me switch it on.
Delete video.
Delete picture.
Delete music.
Delete private folder Delete number.
Delete sms.

Thoughtful Message

Once an old man spread rumours that his neighbor was a thief. As a result, the young man was arrested. Days later the young man was proven innocent. After being released he sued the old man for wrongly accusing him.