Thursday, October 18, 2012

And The Award For “Father of the Year” Goes to This Man!

A 96 year old Indian farmer has just become the proud parent of his second son in 2 years! Astounding the community when he and his wife welcomed their first son at 94 and 52 years old respectively, Ramit Raghav has now done it again! Although some doctors question the likelihood of this being true, Mr Raghav credits his daily diet of ghee and milk for his excellent health. The couple reportedly have sex 3 to 4 times a night!

Sonakshi Sinha Harper’s Bazaar India Magazine October 2012 Pictures

Sonakshi Sinha Harper’s Bazaar India Magazine October 2012 Pictures

Kate Upton – Vogue Magazine (November 2012)

Kate Upton – Vogue Magazine (November 2012)

The Greatest High Five Rejection In History

High Five!!!

Sheerlyn chopra new hot photos

Sheerlyn chopra new hot photos

Cat in a Box…

This obliging cat, models some anime ‘box costumes’ for her creative owner.

Awesome Photos.

Awesome Photos.

The Bicymple is the bicycle simplified, literally

We recently featured the Fliz bike concept, which saw riders hanging from the frame of the bike and scooting along, rather than sitting astride the bike and pedaling as they do with conventional bicycles. This was an attempt to evolve the basic bike format, and the designers of Fliz aren't alone in their efforts. The Bicymple is, as its name suggests, an attempt to present the bicycle, simplified. And it's an ambition that, on first glance, looks to have been fulfilled.

Exchange Student Does "Gangnam Style" At HS Pep Rally

This South Korean exchange student at Northwest Cabarrus High School in Concord, North Carolina just because the coolest person at school.

You Say You Love me...!!

You say you love me
but i love you more
i feel as though
we were meant to be
for all of eternity

you say you need me
but i need you more
your the only one
that i have to run to
to keep me safe and warm
in the loneliest thoughts

Kya Baat Ho..!

Kehne ko to bahut hai mere apno me,
par koi ho jise apna kehte hi guroor aa jaye to….kya baat ho..!

Suna hai ishq me tez ho jati hai dil ki dhadkane,
par koi jo khud aisi dhadkan ban jaye to….kya baat ho..!

Chahten hain sab saat janmo ka pyar,
par ye ehsaas koi ek janam me de jaye to….kya baat ho..!


Universal Law Of Love:
Love Can Neither Be Created Nor Be Destroyed; Only It Can Transfer From One Girlfriend To Another Girlfriend With Some Loss Of Money.

1st Law Of Love:
A Boy In Love With A Girl, Continue To Be In Love With Her And A Girl In Love With A Boy, Continue To Be In Love With Him, Until Or Unless Any External Agent(Brother Or Father Of The Gal) Comes Into Play And Break The Legs Of The Boy.

Definition of Success

Definition of Success by Zig Ziglar (excerpted from his new book, Born to Win! Find Your Success Code)

Here’s a short list of the characteristics of what I believe success isn’t and what I believe success is. Let’s start with what success is.

What Success Is:
1. Success is knowing that you did a great job when you close the door to your office at the end of each workday and head for home.
2. Success is having a home and people to love who love you in return.