Wednesday, September 26, 2012



National Geographic Photo Contest 2012

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012 

Ghana Vasisth spicy stills

Ghana Vasisth spicy stills 

Bond Girls from the Classic Films Then and Now

Bond girls Britt Ekland, Eunice Gayson and Tania Mallet got together in the UK to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the famous movie series. 

Always Stay In Control

As we go through our days, it’s always possible that we may run into something that will tempt us to lose control over our emotions or bodies: A traffic jam, an annoying coworker, a dent in your car that wasn’t there before, a long line at Starbucks, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” a bed to jump and dance on with your sister — we all know the possibilities. But what we have to remember is that we must always stay in control. Imagine yourself watching the scene from a distance. Don’t let it get away from you. 

Aishwarya Needs No Photoshopping!

The advertisement features Ash striking a pose reminiscent of goddess Lakshmi. Ash poses sensually, flaunting a notably curvaceous figure that seems to be a stark departure from the postdelivery oodles of weight that she had only a while ago. 

Oh Those Crazy Kids.

Oh Those Crazy Kids. 

Airline Food

Kingfisher Airlines 

Washit cleans you and your clothes simultaneously

Water is a precious resource and in places like Australia and the U.K., the onset of summer coincides with restrictions on water use – hosepipes for watering gardens are banned, and showers are recommended over baths. But even taking a shower uses a fair amount of water, which all ends up down the drain. The same goes for doing laundry. If only there was a way to combine the two into one unified unit. 

Fox & Friends Got, Uh, Pranked?

Fox and Friends punked? 

Unke saaath janat sa jeene ka mazaa aa gayaa

Kal raat sote sote unka khayaal aa gayaa
Sochte sochte neend ke aagosh men kho gaya

Achanak se unka chahra saamne aa gayaa
Nazar se nazar milee aur dil ko karaar aa gayaa

Ishaaron ka ishaaron se jawab aa gayeaa
Pyaari ki nazar ka jawab pyaar se aa gayaa

I wish, I could...

I wish I could bring those times back
where all was soothing to my heart.
Eyes were wet but glitter in your smile
I love you my Love, right from the start.

I wish I could cuddle you one more time
could feel your warmth deep into my heart.
Your touch is my poem and its rhyme
I miss you my Love, lost in this desert.

Facebook Password

Pappu bar bar apna facebook ka
Password bhool jata tha . . .

Usne socha mein facebook ka pasword
kya rakhu jo kabhi na bhoolu . . .

Usne password rakha " INCORRECT" ...