Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Agar koi Aap ko Acha Lagta Hai.
To Acha Wo Nahi Ache Aap Ho.
Q k Aap Us Main Achaai Talash karte Ho.

Khubsurat Hona Eham Nahi.
Eham Hona Khubsurat Hai.
Dil ki khubsurati Ehm Hai.

Must-have Gimmicky Gadgets on Pinterest

Hug Me Jacket 
Pinterest has become the premier site to use when searching for the hottest, new items online. The technology section has all the latest and greatest inventions around. Here are a few of the best!

Hot Nidhi Sunil – Marie Claire India (October 2012)

Nidhi Sunil features on the cover of Marie Claire Magazine’s Indian edition for the month of October 2012. 
Last month she was cover girl for Grazia Magazine. She features in “The Making of a Bride” photoshoot for the magazine. She shoot by Bikramjit Bose. 

Meet the New Bond Girl: Berenice Marlohe

Meet the New Bond Girl: Berenice Marlohe

Seattle Police: "You are going to die"

5/16/12 After shot rang out ending a young mans life, officer Powell looks for a fight

Rhythamika Hot Photo shoot in black shorts

Rhythamika possing too hot in recent Photo shoot for portofolio - sheis wearing a short top with black colour shorts

This Is Why We Prefer Girls to Play Dress Up

Women leave much less to the imagination in sexy costumes while men appear ‘goofy’ in comparison.

Lakes of Ounianga in Sahara Desert

The Lakes of Ounianga consist of 18 lakes located in the heart of the Sahara Desert, in an extremely arid region of northern Chad where the average yearly rainfall is no more than 2 mm. They depend on an underground supply of ‘fossil’ water that fell on this area in ancient times when the Saharan climate was much wetter than it is today.

"Smart INSECT": Toyota's cloud-enabled, single-passenger electric vehicle

Automakers have been toying with the idea of single passenger vehicles in an attempt to reduce emissions in urban centers, and Toyota's Coms is one such example. The company is showing off a new concept version based on this ultra-compact, single passenger electric vehicle dubbed the "Smart INSECT" at CEATEC JAPAN 2012 this week. Short for "information network social electric city transporter," it would connect the home, vehicle, and people in new ways through Toyota's cloud services.

How To Find Out That You Are Living in Ghetto

when your ice cream truck plays chain hang low!!

when I look into your eyes................

When first I looked into your eyes
each breath became a thousand sighs.
My heart drummed out a thunder beat
I glowed with joy from head to feet.
The hand of love had touched my soul,
as the bell of destiny began to toll.

MOHABBAT Hai Mujhe Apni Tanhai Se

MOHABBAT Hai Mujhe Apni Tanhai Se 
Jo Teri Yaad K Kareeb Karti Hai 
MOHABBAT Hai Mujhe Un Khwab Se 
Jo Sirf Tumhe Dekha Karte Hai 

MOHABBAT Hai Mujhe Guzarti Raat Se 
Jo Beet Gai Teri Yaad Mein 

Strictly for LAUGHING

One day an Irishman goes into a pharmacy shop, reaches into his pocket and takes out a small bottle and a teaspoon. 

He pours some liquid onto the teaspoon and offers it to the chemist."Could you taste this for me, please?"

The chemist takes the teaspoon, puts it in his mouth, swills the liquid around and swallows it. It tasted unpleasant.