Saturday, December 1, 2012

Power of saying NO

We've all had times when we say yes to someone but really want to say no.

It's often difficult to say no because of the desire to be loved: we want to be helpful, we want to show we care, but we may have little to give, are tired, overworked, or need alone time. Do you feel that if you aren't there for someone, they may reject you? Or that you're somehow obliged to help as it makes you a good' person, parent or friend?

Awesome and Mind Blowing Products

Awesome and Mind Blowing Products

Sizzling Beauty Lakshmi Rai Hot Photoshoot

23 years old hot young Indian actress Lakshmi Rai Latest Hot Photoshoot. Lakshmi has done so many movies in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and she appeared in some Kannada movies.

Doutzen Kroes Sizzling on Vogue

Doutzen Kroes Sizzling on Vogue

Kiss Booth For Charity.

Item Girl Divyayani Chakravarthi Hot Stills

Hot Item Girl Divyayani Chakravarthi latest new hot pics stills gallery. Divyayani item song from Telugu movie Tikka

Funny Photos around the World

Funny Photos around the World

Stunning Photographs from Aeroplane

Doha, Qatar 
This stunning collection of photographs all taken from aeroplane windows, show a truly unique view of the world.


The world's most high-tech (and expensive) Scrabble board

With its basic game board and lettered tiles, Scrabble is about as low-tech of a game as you can get. But that hasn't stopped Mind Sports International from giving the game's iconic board a 21st century upgrade. For the company's upcoming festival in Prague, a new Scrabble board was built that uses RFID chips in each tile to detect where each letter is placed and transmit the data online almost instantly.

The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Piranhas And The Dark And Death And Abandonmen

We are no different

Our life, 
so based on perception
we are unable to distinguish
love and hate
truth and lies
reality and dream

Dil ne tume chaha bhi bahut hai,

Dil ne tume chaha bhi bahut hai,
Hum ne tume maanga bhi bahut hai,,

Chahe tho pooch lo apne dil se,
Hum ne tume pukara bhi bahut hai,,

Santa ki Aakhri khuwais

Jailor- faansi se pahle koi akhri khuwais...

Santa- biwi se milna hai..

Jailor- biwi se kyu.. Mama papa se kyu nahi...