Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's Never Too Late To Learn Good Manners

Today's children are whizkids in computers and emerging technologies, but they need to be taught the values of humanity too.

Useless Facts of the Day

Useless Facts of the Day

OMG: Rinku Ghosh Wet in Bikini

OMG: Rinku Ghosh Wet in Bikini

Rachelle Goulding Sizzling Photoshoot

Rachelle Goulding Sizzling Photoshoot

Don't Prank A Pranker Unless You Wanna Get Pranked

When a couple of guys try to prank this girl with a scare video, she goes all out in reacting to the scare, taking it so far that the guys themselves end up getting scares. Awesome.

Piaa Bajpai's Raunchy Photoshoot

South indian Beautiful actress Piaa Bajpai latest sexy and hot looking bare back show photos stills gallery from Tamil movie Koottam.

Dumped Pictures

Dumped Pictures

Amazing-Sculptures Cut from a Single Piece of Paper

Amazing-Sculptures Cut from a Single Piece of Paper

Man to climb Chicago's Willis Tower using thought-controlled bionic leg

Despite losing most of his right leg in a motorcycle accident, Zac Vawter (31) intends to climb all 103 flights of stairs at Chicago's Willis Tower this Sunday. He's been helping researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) test a cutting-edge bionic leg that is controlled by his own nerve impulses. He can walk, kick a ball, and climb stairs by simply thinking of what he wants his leg to do.

God and His play...

I am outta town for a while,

have to cover a long path, its just a few miles.

This town is full of anxiety and dust,

once said and got no trust.

The path itself is not so easy,

Muhabbat Soch Ke Karna

Kabhi kuch soch k likhna
Kabhi kuch soch k parhna

Ye na mumkin si koshish hai
Muhabbat soch k karna!

Kisi ka dilruba chehra aur
Us ki dill nasheen ankhein

New Hits With Rajnikant Jokes

Rajnikant can produce fire by rubbing 2 ice cubes..

Rajnikant runs until treadmil gets tired..

In the back cover of "WORLD RECORD BOOKS" its written..all records are held by rajnikant..listed names are second in place..

Rajnikant addeD facebook as his friend..

Philanthropy - A True Life Story

In Erode (Tamilnadu), there is a Hospital where the poor come for treatment. Opposite the Hospital, one Mr.Venkataraman, runs his Hotel business. He provides good meals at a cost of Rs.25/- to the general public. But, he charges only one Re.1/- per meal for 20 persons every day who come as escorts and attendents to the patients admitted in the Hospital, opposite. To ensure that only genuine attendents avail the one rupee meal, he takes the help of the Hospital Warden by requesting him to issue tokens to bonafide escorts of patients. Thus, deserving poor persons who are truly attending to the patients are helped.