Monday, March 11, 2013

Why Bad Things Happen Even To Good People

Why do bad things happen even to good people? Why is there so much suffering in the world?

Religions are hard-pressed to find a convincing answer to these questions because the existence of evil, suffering and pain in our 'lived life' is incompatible with the omnipotent, omniscient and completely benevolent notion of God. If the creator of the universe has all positive virtues and no negative attributes then there connot be any evil or suffering in the world.

Absolutely Cool Moments

Absolutely Cool Moments

Monica Dogra - Maxim India Magazine (March 2013)

Monica Dogra - Maxim India Magazine (March 2013)

Selena Gomez in Los Angeles

Selena Gomez in Los Angeles

MYO -Awasome you really want to buy this

Maria Sokolovski Latest Photos

Maria Sokolovski Latest Photos

The State of the Internet...

...explained with cats.

Artist Turns Pencils into Original Sculptures

These miniature pencil carvings are created by Hungarian artist, Cerkahegyzo, using only a single lead pencil, which he manipulates with files, sandpaper, razor blades and polishing stones.

VOYAGER smartphone designed specifically for use in cars

Cars and mobile phones haven’t had a very happy relationship. For most people, a car/phone interface means a bracket suction-cupped to the windscreen. At best, it means a Bluetooth connection between the phone and the car’s infotainment system, that leaves much to be desired. Trying to rectify this situation, Israeli telecom company Accel Telecom describes its new VOYAGER smartphone as the “first standalone connected car smartphone,” designed with the car specifically in mind.

One To Keep

I LOVE YOU more than anything
Than flower-nestled beds
Adore their sun and welcome tears
As raindrops cleanse their heads

I LOVE YOU more than time itself
Than precious seconds spent
As seeds of memories gently sewn
Will show us where we went

Everyone Wants To Drive In This Amazing.....

The Gyro-X was designed by Alex Tremulis and built by Troutman and Barnes. Thomas Summers developed the gyroscopic system, and was issued a U.S. patent for it in September of 1969. The Gyro-X was on the cover of the September 1967 edition of Science and Mechanics.

Waada tujhse karta hun dil se main...

Waada tujhse karta hun dil se main...
dil se main har wadaa nibhaungaa...

koi puche mujhse meri chahat ka falsafa...
meri aaankho me teri tasveer dikhaungaa...

The Big Trouble

Friend 1: I’m in a big trouble!

Friend 2: Why is that?

Friend 1: I saw a mouse in my house!

Friend 2: Oh, well, all you need to do is use a trap.