Friday, December 21, 2012

The Best Love Letter Ever

To the dearest one in my life,

You might be surprised when you hear me say this, but I must say it. You might become angry, give no reaction, or laugh at me, but I must be true to myself. I must say this to you. I am going to tell my true feelings about u.

I Bet, You want these Products

The Walking Bed Sheets:

OMG: Riya Bamniyal Raunchiest Photo Shoot

24 years old Indian Actress Riya Bamniyal New Hot photoshoot HQ Photos. She has done movies in Hindi and Tamil. She made her debut in 2009 from Tamil movie called 'Kulir 100' and in Bollywood she debuted from Y-Films' Luv Ka The End in 2011.

Kardashian Family in Christmas Card Shoot Stills

Kardashian Family in Christmas Card Shoot Stills

How To Strut

It is very important to have proper strutting technique. What are we, animals?

Veena Malik become Hot Santa for Christmas

Veena Malik become Hot Santa for Christmas

Taunting Road Signs

Taunting Road Signs

Most Amazing Balconies

Most Amazing Balconies

GravityLight tackles weighty issue of lighting in the developing world

With most of us in the developed world more concerned about the flow of electricity to power our computers, TVs and all manner of other wonders of the modern age, it’s easy to forget the massive impact resulting from one of the first widespread public uses of electricity – the humble incandescent light bulb. With a large proportion of the world’s population still lacking reliable access to electricity, the GravityLight hopes to bring the benefits of environmentally friendly artificial light to the developing world.

A Quick Lesson In Headbutting

I just want you to be safe. Please remember to use your head when attacked, no matter how old you might be. Also something about using your elbows? I’m not totally clear on the elbows part, but keep your elbows as a backup option. Head first, then elbows. Be safe.

I Want to Sleep Without Dreaming You

Memories are spoiling my nights
Eyes are hungry for a sleep
Heart is wandering through the mystic world-
Where you are my queen
Mind is swimming in the pool of love-
Which you once filled for me

Milan se pehle ki betaabi

kuch pal ki mulaqaat ke liye ghanto ka safar kar jaate the,
ek jhalak apni dikhaane ko tum bahut humein tadpaate the,

ghanto ke us lambe safar me ek pal bhi hum na soya karte the,
miloge tum humein to kaisi dikhogi yahi hum socha karte the,

The Hoggish Monkey

A guy walks into a bar with a monkey. The monkey grabbed some olives off the bar and ate them.
Then he grabbed some sliced limes and ate them.
He then jumped onto the pool table and grabbed one of the balls.
To everyone's amazement, he stuck it in his mouth and somehow swallowed it whole.

The bartender looked at the guy and said, "Did you see what your Monkey just did?"