Saturday, September 22, 2012

True Story of Miss India 2009- an inspiring story for everyone!

Neera Chopra lived through abuse, poverty and some tough choices to make her once-unwanted girl child, Pooja Chopra,

Neera Chopras story:
I don’t know where to begin... they were terrible times. My husband was well-placed, but the marriage had begun to sink almost as soon as it began. Like most women do, I tried to work against all the odds .

Extraordinary, Yet Real

All of these pictures are photographs of real objects and scenery. Isn’t it amazing what unbelievable things can be captured on camera?

Meenakshi Dixit Gorgeous Photoshoot Pictures

Meenakshi Dixit Gorgeous Photoshoot Pictures 

An Untitled Vanessa Hudgens Post

An Untitled Vanessa Hudgens Post

Shraddha Das in bikini and Hot Beach Pics

Shraddha Das in bikini and Hot Beach Pics 

Need a bit help????????

Need a bit help? 

Some Very Clever Packaging Designs for Products.

Some Very Clever Packaging Designs for Products. 

Seiko Astron watch uses GPS to set the time anywhere in the world

For the truly obsessive-compulsive who panic if their watch is even slightly off, the Seiko Astron GPS watch could be the answer. The world’s first solar-powered watch that can set the time with GPS signals, the Astron is accurate to within one second per 100,000 years and automatically adjusts to any timezone in the world. Seiko announced the release of the Astron back in March and it’s now going on sale worldwide.

Dog in the Water Park

This cute little Corgi knows how to play in the water! 

Love Is Not A Game

Love is not a game you play, 
It's the emotions of one's heart 
On display. 

It is the words your heart does 
Speak, It is an emotion that can 
Also make you weak. 

It is not a score you can keep, If 
Broken love will make your eyes an 
Your heart weep. 

Teri yadain aa jati hain

Chahat ka ek metha metha dard jaganay shaam dhalay
Teri yadain aa jati hain mujh ko rulanay shaam dhalay

Teri zulfain in kandhoon per tera chehra hathoon main
Main ne bhi daikhay hain kitnay khaab suhanay shaam dhalay

The Best Jokes.......

After learning that her parents were in a minor car accident, my wife called her mother.

“What happened?” she asked.”

I was driving and fell asleep,” said her mother, irritated.

“And of course, your father wasn’t paying attention!”