Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dispelling Common Misconceptions

Now you know all the truth…

The Average Person Unknowingly Swallows Eight Spiders A Year In Their Sleep!

Archana New Hot Photos In Black Crop Tank Top And Mini Skirt

Archana New Hot Photos In Black Crop Tank Top And Mini Skirt 

Victoria Justice Does Teen Vogue

Victoria Justice Does Teen Vogue 

World's Luckiest Man

Sada Hot Photos From New Movie

Sada Hot Photos From New Movie 

New Hilarious Categories for Greetings

New Hilarious Categories for Greetings 

Delhi Agra Highway

The Yumuna Expressway Connecting Delhi to Agra…………….

Haier demos eye-controlled TV prototype – we try it out

While IFA 2012 may be thought of primarily as a venue for electronics manufacturers to unveil their latest products, it’s also a chance for them to showcase technologies that they’re still developing. An example of the latter is the prototype eye-controlled TV, created by Chinese electronics firm Haier. We had a chance to try it for ourselves, on the trade show floor in Berlin. 

Amazing sony technology.

A Dream Worth Dreaming

Somewhere in my dreams I hear your voice
Whispering gently.... into thin air

At the edge of the mountain I close my eyes
Sensing your breathing..... feeling you appear there

On the edge of my dreams I see your face
A twin soul......when we share eyes

Hindu Muslim Ekta

हिन्दू धर्म हैं जितना प्यारा उतना ही इस्लाम हैं।
जितनी पावन रामायण हैं उतनी पाक कुरान हैं.
हिंदी-उर्दू भाषा दोनों बहने हैं एक दूजे की.
हिन्दू से न मुस्लिम से दोनों से हिन्दुस्तान हैं.
हिन्दू-मुस्लिम भाई-भाई नारे खूब सुने हमने

3 guys Proposd Gal

3 guys Proposd Gal :

1st: I Cn Die 4 u!
Gal: All Ppl Say that!

2nd: I'll Brng Star 4m Sky!
Gal: Old dialouge!