Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cute and Raunchy Asian Girls Photos

Cute and Raunchy Asian Girls Photos

Suzanna Reddy in Support of Rape Victim

The entire nation is boiling with the recent Delhi gang rape where a 23 year old para-medical girl was raped by a group of four in a running bus and later thrown out of the bus along with her boyfriend. 
The Bollywood stars are expressing shame and anger over this incident. The actress of “The City That Never Sleeps” movie Suzanna Reddy express their anger through fashion photoshoot by western photographer to protest against the culprits. The actress is demanding a justice for victim and severe punishment to the accused she said, "New Delhi gang-rape...shameful and shameless. The man who rape should be castrate or hang”.

Kim Kardashian Hot candid in Black Dress

Kim Kardashian Hot candid in Black Dress

Watch Snow Fall In Quiet Neighborhood

First major snow storm in Portland Oregon, Dec08. Relax and watch the snow fall in a quiet neighborhood. Here the sounds of the southern pacific rail road tain in the back groud. You can also here the snow fall as you listen carefully.

Avanthika Sharma in Raunchy Photoshoot

Avanthika Sharma in Raunchy Photoshoot

Just about the Exact same!

Just about the Exact same!

The world awaits the so called doomsday

People perform rituals to ward off end of the world predictions.

A shaman takes part in a traditional spiritual ceremony among the ruins at the archaeological site of the Maya civilization of Copan December 20, 2012. This week, at sunrise on Friday, December 21, an era closes in the Maya Long Count calendar, an event that has been likened by different groups to the end of days, the start of a new, more spiritual age or a good reason to hang out at old Maya temples across Mexico and Central America.

Air Purifying Art: Edmonton International Airports Living Wall

Edmonton International Airports Living Wall has been greeting passengers now since May of this year and continues the success of Vancouver based design company Green over Grey in the trend of living vertical installations.

This Is Just A Good Impression Of A Siren

Yup! That sounds like a siren! What a wonderful gift!

Kitabon Ke Panne Palat Ke Sochte Hai

Kitabon Ke Panne Palat Ke Sochte Hai,
Yu Palat Jaye Zindagi To Kya Baat Hai,

Tamanna Jo Puri Ho Khwabon Mein,
Haqikat Ban Jaye To Kya Baat Hai,

I Can't Promise...

I cannot promise that I'll always
know the right words to comfort you
when you need support...
But I'll try

I cannot promise to always
Know what you're feeling
Or what will make you happy...
But I'll always remember to ask

Flirting Husband

Janu kaash aap msg hote,
main apko save karti,
jab chahe padhti.


Making your life simple

“Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just baggage enough.” Charles Dudley Warner

Are you one of those who is forever complaining, someone who is constantly stressed, a person who never seems to have enough and an individual in the quest of his / her individuality? Our source of dissatisfaction, restlessness and irritation can be stymied and possibly got rid off by learning to avoid complicating our thinking and by focusing on simplifying our living. How do we complicate our thinking? How can we simplify our living? The answers to these questions are the essence of today’s post.