Monday, December 3, 2012

I Bet, You Never Guess - How Many Girls Fit in This Car

I Bet, You Never Guess - How Many Girls Fit in This Car

Tamil Actress Sherin in Hot Photo Shoot

Latest Hot Photoshoot Gallery Gorgeous Tamil Actress Sherin, in these is going to bussy becuase she is debuting in AK 56 kannada movie.

Taylor Swift – Perform on Jingle Ball in Los Angeles

Taylor Swift – Perform on Jingle Ball in Los Angeles

Oh My God !!!!! What is this?

What is it?

Hot Srilankan Model Maduwanthi Liyanage photoshoot

Hot Srilankan Model Maduwanthi Liyanage photoshoot

There I Fixed It.

There I Fixed It.

Now Its Time to Welcome - iTable

Now Its Time to Welcome - iTable

Shockbox helmet impact sensor looks out for athletes' noggins

While helmets certainly do help protect athletes from head injuries, if the player gets hit hard enough, concussions or other injuries can still occur. So, when a coach sees a player getting clobbered, how do they know whether or not they should call them over for the “How many fingers am I holding up” test? Well, if they’re using the Shockbox system, their smartphone will reportedly tell them.

Life Is A Lot Like Throwing A Bag Of Garbage Into A Volcano

Life is a lot like throwing a bag of garbage into a volcano.You climb up a big mountain that’s next to the lava lake with a big bag of organic garbage that is supposed to represent a human, so you can test if a human falling from that distance would penetrate the lava lake, and you throw the garbage into the lava lake, and then it goes right into the lava lake. You know? Just like life. And you think, “Why do I even try?” And then you remember, “To get results.” And then you jump into the lava lake, too. And then everyone jumps into the lava lake, each one disappearing more quickly than the last. And now everyone is in the lava lake and we’re all lava people, and we raise our children as lava people, and it is a Heaven on Earth.

You're in Love

You wake up and he’s on your mind.
Another subject, you can’t find.
You used to think it was just a bluff. 
But now you realize, you’re in love.

You see him and can’t help but smile.
Think of him for miles and miles.

Meri jaan teri yaad aati hai......

Tere jane ka gum bhulaata hooN...
To tere aane ki yaad aati hai....
Jab saath hua karte the hum bhi....
Us zamaane ki yaad aati hai….

Kabhi chubhati, kabhi gudgudati hai,
Meri jaan teri yaad aati hai….....

All new series of Rajnikanth Jokes

All new series of Rajnikanth:

Rajnikanth was shot today... Tomorrow is the bullet`s funeral!

Rajnikanth killed a terrorist in Pakistan 'via Bluetooth'!

Rajnikanth can draw a straight line with a compass!

Rajnikanth knows who let the dogs out!!


Trials in life can be tragedies or triumphs, depending on how we handle them. Triumphs don't come without effort.

A biology teacher was teaching his students how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. He told the students that in the next couple of hours, the butterfly would struggle to come out of the cocoon. But no one should help the butterfly. Then he left.