Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Bet, You Want These Awesome Things!

I Bet, You Want These Awesome Things!

Raunchy Lisa Haydon in Bikini shot on Maxim India

Lisa Haydon is the cover girl for Maxim Magazine’s Indian edition for the month of November 2012. It’s a routine kind of shoot nothing special as such.

Kendall Jenner Sizzling Photoshoot on Vogue

Kendall Jenner Sizzling Photoshoot on Vogue

The worst female Goalkeeper ever

OMG: Super Hot Komal Jha in Saree Photos

Telugu Actress Komal Jha Spicy Hot cleavaeg visible Photos in Black transparent Saree. She is debuting in Priyathama Neevachata Kusalama with Varun Sandesh.

Only in Peru

Only in Peru

SBU’s Reality Deck breaks one billion-pixel resolution barrier

If you’re impressed by the 4K TVs set to hit the market from the likes of Sony, Toshiba and LG, then get an eyeful of the new Reality Deck officially opened at New York’s Stony Brook University (SBU) last week. Described by its creator as the closest thing in the world to Star Trek’s holodeck, the four walls of the Reality Deck are covered in a total of 416 high resolution screens that provide a total resolution of 1.5 billion pixels. SBU says this makes it the largest resolution immersive display ever built driven by a graphic supercomputer.

Fatty Become Hotty - Amazing Weight Loss Story

Fatty Become Hotty - Amazing Weight Loss Story

Latte Art

I Understood

If i ever asked for strength, 
God must have given me difficulties, 
They made me stronger instead.
Then I understood; 
Sometimes He allow illness
So we care for ourselves. 

If I ever begged for wisdom, 
God must have granted me problems, 
I think I hadst to solve.

Mujhe Hasana Hoga!!!!

Teri mohabbat ko bana loonga mere jeene ki wajah,,
mere dil ke ghar par tera haq malikaana hoga,,

Tu dekhegi jis aur apni nazar utha kar meri jaan,,
har nazar ke kareeb tere mere pyar kaa ashiyaana hoga,,

Ki tujhse mohabbat bhi hai, hai tujhe paane ki hasrat bhi,,
ki dekh kar kahe ye duniya bhi 'jaanu' jaisa na koi deewana hoga,,,

Santa In RACE

100m ki race ho rahi thi.

The refree said' 1,2,3, GO!'
Everybody started running.

except Santa.


The human ego is at once both an incredibly powerful and terribly fragile beast.

With a swift boost, it can will us over seemingly insurmountable obstacles that we would have otherwise struggled with. Yet with an equally as swift kick to the temple, it can drag us down into feelings of despair and self-pity, preventing us from achieving what’s important to us.