Sunday, September 2, 2012

There Are Beautiful Girls Here

There Are Beautiful Girls Here 

Anusha Dandekar Latest Hot Photoshoot

Anusha Dandekar Latest Hot Photoshoot 

That’s Why Jackie Chan’s Facebook Page Rocks

The famous Chinese actor never stops to amuse his fans via social media…

He likes to share photos of his hairstyles. 

Woman And 4-Year-Old Fall On Subway Tracks

See the crazy footage of their fall and rescue. 

Sonam Kapoor’s HOT HQ scans from Stardust – September 2012

Sonam Kapoor’s HOT HQ scans from Stardust – September 2012 

WTF Products.

Tasty Chefs-d'oeuvre

Check out some eatable versions of world-famous masterpieces. 

Japan rolls out toilet motorcycle

The "Toilet Bike Neo"is to raise awareness about water waste, said Japanese toilet maker TOTO.

Japanese toilet maker TOTO employee Akiko Matsuyama gets on a "Toilet Bike Neo" displayed at its showroom in Fujisawa, near Tokyo, Thursday, Aug. 23, 2012.
There’s a new way to travel -- and take care of nature’s call.

The Deer Takes Gold!

Mojo the muntjac is practicing his best soccer moves. 

Seasons Of My Soul

Sitting quietly in my room 
Reflecting on winters cold arms 
Engulfing me. Sensing only doom. 
Yet I feel no sense of alarm. 

Those wintry days became friends 
Together, winter and I did blend 
Grief and sorow were companions there. 
A deep darkness descending everywhere. 

Apna Sab Kuch Tumhe Bana Bethe

apna sab kuch tumhei bana bethe
meri har sans me ruh me tum ho
tumhe ham to khuda bana bethe

kis qadar mera dil ye piyasa hai
apna ganga tumhe bana bethe
rab se manga he tum ko mene sanam
sari dunia ko ham gavan bethe

Birthday Cake

For his wife's birthday, a doctor ordered a cake with this inscription:

"You are not getting older,
You are getting better."

When asked how he wanted it arranged, he said, "Just put 'You are not getting older' at the top, and 'You are just getting better' at the bottom."

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