Monday, January 14, 2013

These Girls gets Really Raunchy

These Girls gets Really Raunchy

Singer Vandana Vadera in Bollywood - Hot Photos

Vandana Vadera has been continuously giving bombastic performances and her beautiful voice ruled over the heart of music lovers. This time she will give more vandy’s voice to her fans.

Vida Guerra – Candids in West Hollywood

Vida Guerra – Candids in West Hollywood

Aisha Sagar Photo Shoot in Kolkata On The Set Photos

Aisha Sagar Photo Shoot in Kolkata On The Set Photos

Go Home, You’re Drunk

Go Home, You’re Drunk

Drunk Guy Vs Automatic Glass Door

Definitely not one of his prouder moments! Good thing he won't remember it the next morning!

Smuggler Got Caught

This smuggler from Norway was smuggling very unusual stuff. Take a look.

Cushion-coated iSAVE-SC1 electric vehicle is a soft touch

It might not win any beauty contests, but this electric vehicle developed by students at Hiroshima University would be my pick if I had the choice of which car I was going to be involved in an accident with. Instead of relying on interior airbags to cushion the driver during a collision, the iSAVE-SC1 is essentially a drivable cushion that should soften the blow for driver and pedestrian alike.

7 Person Backflip Fail

I think the holding hands part may have been the problem...

What are you?

People are like the catapult, 
The more you pull with effort, 
The longest distance they target.

People are like the rubber bands, 
The more you twist and elongate, 
They get snapped into bits.

Meri Jaana

meri jaana yaad to tumko meri aati hogi na...?
meri yaado se kabhi tu bhi to sarmati hogi na...?

wo tera najare uthana wo tera najare jhukana...
mujhe soch ke kabhi to itarati hogi na...?

meri jaana yaad to tumko meri aati hogi na....?

A woman in hot air balloon

A woman in hot air balloon realised that she is lost. She reduced altitude and shouted to a man below:
Excuse me! Can you help me? I promised a friend to meet him an hour ago but I do not know where I am.
Man below replied:
You are in a hot air balloon 30 ft. above the ground. You are 41 deg North latitude and 59 deg West longitude.


A man in search of truth ended up at the monastery of a sage. He prostrated before the master and requested refuge. The sage told him he was happy to initiate him but there were certain rules the disciple would have to obey.

"I want you to practice silence," the master said, "Therefore, you are only allowed to speak once every twelve years, only one sentence of no more than five words."