Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Charming Girls with Beautiful Lips

Charming Girls with Beautiful Lip 

Bollywood Actresses From Traditional To Western

Shriya Saran 
Bollywood Actresses From Traditional To Western 

Kim Kardashian – V Magazine Photoshoot

Kim Kardashian – V Magazine Photoshoot 

Beautiful Magic Carpet Art Installation

A sheet of red fabric continuously flies in and out of a vortex of air created in the center of a room. The artist is Daniel Wurtzel and the music is, appropriately, the plastic bag theme from “American Beauty.” 

Sonakshi Sinha’s HQ Scans from Cosmopolitan India – August 2012

Sonakshi Sinha’s HQ Scans from Cosmopolitan India – August 2012 

Men Resolve All Things

Two-Faced Cat

This is Venus, an adorable kitten with more than a passing resemblance to a certain two-faced Batman villain. Venus’ furry face, as you can see, is distinctively split into two halves: the left is covered in black fur and features a yellow eye, while the right is covered in ginger fur and features a blue eye. Widely thought to be a chimera (google it), she looks like two completely different cats spliced into one.

Slovenia's supercar: The Tushek Renovatio T500

In the future, every nation on the globe may just have its own home-brewed supercar. We're getting closer every year, one country at a time. We've seen a 1,100-hp electric supercar from Croatia. Brazil and Poland have chimed in with their thoughts on supercar design. The Netherlands and Denmark have represented. Now, Slovenia has a little something to say. 

Chuck Norris Kitten Dropkicks A Dog

Okay, well, it's a dog toy — but still. 

I'll be your first love your last love

I was yours before time 
Before all stars shined 
Yours before sun kissed the moon 
Before the first dawn broke 

I'll be yours for all the days 
All the Passionate nights till eternity 
Your shadow on breaking twilight 
I'll be your first love your last love 

Kash ke dil yu udas na hota

kash ke dil yu udas na hota 
tumse mil kar yaado mein giraftar na hota
dil mein itna humare pyaar na hota
tumhare liye mann bekrar na hota

tumhare jane ka koyi gam nahi hai
pyaar diya tumne jitna woh kam nahi hai
na jane ankhein kyun nam hain meri
rokna chahoo bhi kud ko rok nahi pata

Crowded Bus

A man was riding on a crowded bus, standing room only. The bus stopped and an elderly lady got on carrying a large picnic basket. She stood right in front of the man and grabbed the overhead rail so the picnic basket was above the man's head.

Being a gentleman, he offered his seat to her. She quickly declined as she was only going a short distance.

How cosmopolitan and secular is the world's largest democracy?

When Pranab Mukherjee was sworn in as the President of India in July 2012,

the world witnessed a Parsi Chief Justice Kapadia
swear in a Brahmin President Mukherjee,
with a Muslim Vice President Hamid Ansari,

a Sikh Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,

an Italian-born Catholic chairman ofthe ruling party Sonia Gandhi,