Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips For Easier Living

Tips For Easier Living

National Geographic Photo Contest 2012.

The Natural Geographic Photographic competition receives, on average, more than 20 000 entries each year. The photos are judged on creativity and photographic quality and entrants range from professional to amateur. Here are a few of the entries for 2012 thus far.

Sana khan hot pics collection

Sana khan hot pics collection

Ehren Dorsey and Alys Hale Model London Style for Harper’s Bazaar China October 2012

London – The 26th anniversary issue of Harper’s Bazaar China looks towards London-based and British designers’ fall collections with a colorful editorial starring Ehren Dorsey and Alys Hale

The Vice Presidential Debate, Songified

Auto-tune might be annoying in actual music, but it makes the stuff politicians say sound a lot cooler.

Priyanka Chopra - Vogue India (October 2012) Photoshoot

Priyanka Chopra is the cover girl for Vogue Magazine’s Indian edition for the month of October 2012. She is one of the five bollywood babes who...featured on the cover of Vogue as its 5th Anniversary issue.

There I Fixed It.

There I Fixed It. 

A Childhood Fantasy Come True: Tree Houses for “Grown Kids”!

A TV lounge
The good news is that these tree houses are made for adults and are so cosy, you will want to live in them full time.

Switzerland's Earth Houses resemble real-life Hobbit Holes

In The Lord Of The Rings, the Hobbits live in the Shire in their distinctive dwellings known as Hobbit Holes. They're really just homes built into hillsides, with banked earth sitting atop the basic structures. While the Hobbits are fictional creatures, their homes are not, as people have been taking up residence in similar dwellings for many years. And the idea has now taken a firm hold with those interested in working with, rather than against the environment. In other words Hobbit Holes are real and, on this occasion at least, the Shire can be found in Switzerland.

Owl Is Not Impressed

I feel judged.

Forever Strongest

How easy it is to hate...
to accept dirty games of fate.
To be jealous of what they have,
And to mock on your fellows,
your mates.
its not race,
Life is what you make.

Tasvir Teri Dil Mera Bahala

Tasvir teri dil mera bahala na sakegi
Ye teri tarah mujh se to sharma na sakegi

Main baat karunga to ye khamosh rahegi
Sine se laga lunga to ye kuch na kahegi

Aram wo kya degi jo tarpa na sakegi
Ye ankhen hain tahari huin chanchal vo nigahen

Oldie But Goodie

If you've ever worked for a boss who reacts before getting the facts and thinking things through, you will love this!

Arcelor-Mittal Steel, feeling it was time for a shake up, hired a new CEO. The new boss was determined to rid the company of all slackers.

On a tour of the facilities, the CEO noticed a guy leaning against a wall. The room was full of workers and he wanted to let them know that he meant business. He asked the guy, "How much money do you make a week?"