Tuesday, November 27, 2012

We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts About Yourself

We Bet You Don’t Know These Facts About Yourself 

Upcoming Sizzlers: Pakistani Hotties in B'wood

Saeeda Imtiyaz is a Pakistani-American actress. She played Jemima Khan, Imran Khan's wife, in Kaptaan, based on the life of Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan. Saeeda is currently trying her luck in Bollywood.

The Miss Earth 2012 Winner Is Absolutely Gorgeous

23 year old, Czech model, Tereza Fajksov√° has won the prestigious title of “Miss Earth” in the 2012 pageant held in the Philippines. She is the second Czech representative to win a beauty title following Miss World 2006, Tatiana Kuharzhova.

Best Sexy Pranks

That's right folks, more sexy pranks than you can shake a stick at - actually just 5 gags but that's still quite amazing. If this video is a great success, we'll do it again. If it's a huge stinking flop, we'll fire the staff responsible for the idea and just serve good old individual gags again.

Asha Shaini Supar Hot Photos in Saree

Asha Shaini well known as Mayuri - unseen hot photoshoot in blue transparent saree showing navel in her sexy curves.

Amul toasts Life of Pic

Amul toasts Life of Pic

Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic

Mercedes Benz off-roader of the future – the Ener-G-Force

What will highway patrol vehicles look like in 2025? That's the question posed by this year's LA Auto Show Design Challenge, and Mercedes-Benz has answered with the Ener-G-Force design concept. Despite the brief, the company's North American R&D team hasn't totally abandoned the past in looking to the future however, conceiving a rugged, fuel-cell driven concept based on the G-Class that would produce its own hydrogen from water on the fly.

The Story of Thanksgiving

The Ellen DeGeneres Show Players helped everyone remember how the first Thanksgiving happened.

Tell me it will be okay

Tell me it will be okay.
That you'll love with your all everything always and forever.
That you'll never go away.

Tell me you love me.
That there's no one else you'd give ur love to.
That your heart belongs to me.

Kehte hain log ki pyar na karna

Kehte hain log ki pyar na karna
Pyar mein log deewane ho jaate hain
Lekin yeh deewangi hi jo lubhaane lage
To kya kare?

Madhhoshi mein dil ko paaya
Aur davaa na koi kaam aayee
Lekin madhhoshi ko jo koi manzil samjhe
To kya kare?

Hilarious One Liner Jokes

Doc- Patient ko agar 1 ghante phle le aate to hum ise bacha lete

Frnd- Saale aadhe ghante phle to accident hua hai, fir 1 ghanta phle kya hospital ghumane Lau. :-)_______________________________

Behind every successful engineers, there are many unsuccessful years!!!_______________________________

12 Thought Provoking Questions on Life!